Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maiden Post

As the title suggests, this is my first post on my new blog.
Why did I start this blog? To start getting my name out there, and to have further means to network in the world of WAHMs, the cloth diaper community, and to hopefully have my experiences help other new and not so new moms.
I have launched a couple new websites to market creations I have sewn. I hope to grow a bit and actually be able to join the ranks of a WAHM, leaving my full time employment outside of the home.
The websites, in case of interest, are http://www.perfect-pouch.com/ and http://www.just-add-baby.com/. The pouch website is to market cellular and smart phone accesory. Just Add Baby is my big excitement. I have so many ideas for hand made baby products, I cannot wait to get it up and running.
My interest in this has come hand-in-hand with my becoming a mother. That journey is a long story in itself and fodder for a few other blog posts- such as fighting infertility, pregnancy as a high risk mom, time on bed rest, delivering a premature infant, time as a NICU mommy, and the transition to home. Being a mother of a 31.5 week preemie also poses its own challenges as I raise Donovan.
My childhood was charmed as I grew up the oldest of 8 children in a very traditional Catholic home. Mom was home with us, while dad did the 9-5 thing. Home cooked meals eaten together at the table were the norm. Hand made clothes were also part of daily life. From my "domestic engineer" mother I gained the talent and interest in sewing. I made my son's entire nursery set, and from there the ideas haven't stopped. Most of my ideas are for variances on old products that arose when I needed a tweak to make things work just right for us. As people commented on my ideas, I decided it might be a good idea to bring them to you. But this blog is to cover so much more.
I hope to be a resource other mom's can count on. To review pre-existing products, point people in direction for support if needed, and to help coach other crafty mom's to be able to create for their own little ones.
Send me a message if there are questions. I will be happy to answer.

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